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SQLThing Enterprise Edition

SQLThing EE extends SQLThing with a new GUI interface, better integration with the AS/400 and a whole lot more functionality. It's not just a programmers tool any more, now SQLThing can persist queries and reports into an XML format that can be loaded into the SQLThing End User Tool. With the End User Tool, you can let your end users run SQLThing reports and queries into an interactive viewer, output to PDF, HTML or a host of popular PC file formats from a simple, intuitive graphical interface.

SQLThing EE supports an integrated job log viewer for debugging and performance tuning complex statements. SQLThing also prompts for parameters allowing you to test statements as they will execute from your target environment. Also, statement results can be viewed in our all new Data Window which features sophisticated reporting and grouping capabilities. Once you have a query's output looking the way you want, persist all settings in XML for the SQLThing End User Tool so that you can distribute queries to your end users.

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Following are simple HTML PowerPoint presentations that explain some of the new features of SQLThing EE.

SQLThing Enterprise Edition Overview
SQLThing Grid Reports Overview
SQLThing Query400 Harvester

Want to try SQLThing? Click Here to download a demo copy. The demo will expires 90 days after installation, giving you plenty of time to try before you buy!